EMDR Webinar Series

Treating Complex Trauma with EMDR Therapy and Structural Dissociation Theory: Effectively Treating “Parts”


Presented by Kathleen Martin, LCSW


This 3-part Webinar series will progressively teach the intricacies of integrating EMDR Therapy with Structural Dissociation Theory.  Specific strategies and practical skills will be taught to safely and effectively treat complex trauma and developmental disorders.  Fraser’s Dissociative Table Technique will be taught and demonstrated along with ways to integrate this powerful tool throughout the entire treatment.  The art of time orientation will be demonstrated, giving clinicians many valuable tools and skills to eliminate the reliving that causes so much destabilization.    The expanded Readiness Checklist for reprocessing traumatic material in cases of complex trauma will be taught as well as ways to safely titrate Phase 4 reprocessing.  Case transcripts and video segments will be used throughout the series to demonstrate skillful ways to treat “parts”.


About the Presenter:   Kathleen Martin, LCSW, EMDRIA Consultant and Trainer is an international trainer on EMDR and complex trauma.  In her private practice in Rochester, New York, USA, she uses EMDR psychotherapy extensively in her specialty of PTSD, trauma and dissociation.  She has published an article that details the dissociative table technique (Martin, K. 2012.  How to Use Fraser’s Dissociative Table Technique to Access and Work with Emotional Parts of the Personality.  Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 6, 4, 179-186) and has taught hundreds of clinicians how to effectively use this powerful tool.  She provides consultation to clinicians and agencies and frequently teaches on trauma and dissociation and related topics. 


Each Webinar will last 4 hours on a Friday afternoon eastern standard time.  Although it is preferable to attend all 3 webinars as they will build on each other, it is possible to attend as many or few as fit into your learning needs.   The language and concepts of Structural Dissociation Theory will be used throughout the entire series.  Therefore it is important that you attend the first webinar if you are not well trained in Structural Dissociation Theory and/or you want to learn the theory and how to apply it to EMDR on a deeper level. 


The Dates and Times are:


March 3, 2017                      12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  (EST)

March 17, 2017                    12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  (EST)

March 24, 2017                   12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  (EST)


Each webinar will be recorded and anyone registered will be able to view this recording for a limited time after the event is over. 




Module 1:  Integrating Structural Dissociation Theory into EMDR Psychotherapy


Module 1 will teach Structural Dissociation Theory and how to integrate it into EMDR psychotherapy.  Case examples will be used to highlight the theoretical concepts and how to work with the emotional parts while keeping them stable throughout the 8 phases of the EMDR Standard Protocol. 


Module 2:  Fraser’s Dissociative Table Technique:  When and How to Use it to Identify and Heal Emotional Parts of the Personality


Module 2 with teach the 8 steps of Fraser’s Dissociative Table Technique and how to incorporate it into the EMDR Standard Protocol.  Case examples and video clips will be used to demonstrate the power of this technique to identify and work with emotional parts of the personality throughout treatment.


Please note:  Structural Dissociation theory and language will be used throughout this module.  It is highly recommended that participants who are not well grounded in this theory attend Module 1 prior to taking this Module to facilitate the learning of this important skill.


Module 3:  Treating Dissociative Phobias and the Art of Time Orientation


Module 3 will teach interventions that treat the phobias among and between the dissociative parts of the personality.    It will also teach the art and intricacies of time orientation, going far beyond the basic question of “what year is this?”  Case transcripts and video clips will be used throughout to demonstrate these must-have skills for all clinicians working with complex trauma. 


Please note:  Structural Dissociation theory and language will be used throughout this module.  It is highly recommended that participants who are not well grounded in this theory attend Module 1 prior to taking this Module. 


 4 EMDRIA continuing education credits will be awarded for each webinar, totaling 12 for the entire series. 


Cost and Registration


The early bird cost is $150 per webinar or $345 for the 3-part series.   Please register by February 10, 2017 to allow enough time to arrange all technology needs.   After February 10, 2017 the cost increases to $175 per webinar or $395 for the 3-part series. 


Refund Policy


A full refund will be given up to 30 days prior to the start of the first module.  After that no refund will be given unless your spot can be filled by someone on the waiting list.  If your spot can filled, a full refund minus a $50 processing fee will be given. 


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