Counseling Services

I excel in working with older teenagers and adults.  I call myself a practical therapist, able to adapt to the individual needs of each person and use the appropriate skills necessary for their specific situations. I take my time to thoroughly understand the dilemma(s) my clients present so I can develop an effective treatment plan.  I will discuss this treatment plan with my client and together we will develop a contract that includes the process that will be used to resolve the client’s issues.  Periodically throughout treatment, this treatment plan will be revisited to evaluate progress.  Throughout the treatment process, I am dedicated to working cooperatively with my clients and ensure they have the necessary tools to manage their symptoms and continue to thrive.   Psychotherapy can be hard at times but I will teach skills to get through the process.

People who work with me learn about my integrity, my effectiveness and thoroughness.  I am adamant about maintaining client confidentiality.   I am dedicated to helping my clients reach their goals and have a life that fully expresses their own integrity and individuality.

If you would like to become one of my clients, please call my office to speak with me directly.  I will ask you a few questions to help ascertain if I am the right therapist for you.  If so, we will schedule the time to start the journey together to return you to complete mental health and a deeply satisfying life.